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Privacy policies are meant to be disclosed by the sites or apps to make their users aware of how they are going to use the information they receive. We all use social media platforms to feel connected with the world. Recent data breaches have questioned the privacy policies of apps/sites. Instagram is one of the significant social media intermediaries which have more than 21 crore users in India and they are increasing day by day. So, the question is what the privacy policy of Instagram states?    What data does Instagram collect? The automated system of Instagram collects all the information: 1.  Metadata What we see through their features i.e. Camera- Instagram uses that for suggesting the filters etc., Location of photo, dates. Though the political and religious views could be subject to the legislature of specific countries. The network and connection you use, and if you permitted to sync the contact Instagram can access your address book or call log or SMS log history and accordin
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Meaning & Legal Aspects of Cyberturfing

Introduction of Astroturfing & Cyberturfing  Astroturfing signifies a kind of misleading advertising or practice planned by advertisers to make a bogus impression that the mission has grown genuinely and naturally but in reality, it is controlled by another person in the background. It involves paid agents or mediocre that spreads false statements or information about any particular product. The customers are so much into these impressions that they started to follow this herd even without knowing the reality.  Cyberturfing is the online version of Astroturfing. Cyberturfing in the Digital Era With the growth in technology, cyberturfing is becoming one of the very strong strategies for organizations. The Internet has given so much space that there is a lot of impact on consumers’ behaviour, which has given rise to unfair trade-related practices. The main advantage of moving from Astroturfing to Cyberturfing is low cost & high result. Cyberturfing tarnishes the image & reput

Privacy Policy of Telegram App

Telegram, a cloud-based social networking application has gained popularity in recent times. With WhatsApp changing its privacy policy, users have been exploring options to switch to other secure and safe social networking sites. Signal and telegram have ravaged and the most sorted options. But are they as safe and secure as being guaranteed? To understand the same, let us have a look at the privacy policy offered by Telegram.  Introduction  Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging application. It was launched in 2013. It has nearly 500 million active monthly users. Being based in Dubai & UAE, Telegram has spread its wings in almost all countries of the world. It focuses on speed, security, safety and openness. Created by two Russians, it has made its mark on the entire world.  Principles of Privacy  Telegram works on two major privacy principles. Telegram does not filtrate and save the users data to show advertisements to them. This makes it a relieving platform for users

Privacy Policy of WhatsApp, 2021: A Conundrum

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application and has introduced a new privacy policy in 2021. Its users now have to agree on the latest terms and conditions or their accounts will get disconnected. The notification described, how WhatsApp works with Facebook and Instagram and offers integration into the company and that the users will now have to accept the new policy within a specific time duration. By the new policy, WhatsApp will share some information with Facebook which was not there in the earlier version. The names of Facebook companies are also registered in the third-party service providers. It was stated that several businesses rely on WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. The application works with businesses that use Facebook or third party to improve communication with customers on WhatsApp and for that, the users have to agree to share their IP deals, cell gadget info, transaction data, and other sensitive information. One of the main cons of such a drastic de

Impact of New Cryptocurrency bill on Indian Bitcoin Users

  Cryptocurrencies are advanced monetary standards in which encryption procedures are utilized to control the age of units of cash and check the exchange of assets, working freely of a national bank. Traditional currency is kept up in paper or metal structures, like notes and coins, or in electronic structures in record sections made by banks. Cryptocurrency is additionally a type of electronic cash. The thing that matters is that the record of cryptocurrency is kept up at the same time by a large number of PCs rather than a unified element like a bank. Subsequently, the record of digital money can't be altered by any individual or authority. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will in general have restricted inventory. This has brought their cost up notwithstanding enormous cash printing by national banks around the globe following the Coronavirus pandemic.  Blockchain is another innovative framework that is utilized for keeping up records in a way that they can't be handily messe

Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (“AI'') the intelligent machines which have permeated our lives in numerous subtle and not-so-subtle ways, performing all those activities that could only be performed by humans. Countries like Colombia have approved driverless cars in their selected states. Doing many jobs like executing complex financial transactions, facial expression, speech, man recognition techniques for security purposes, and beating the human brain in many fields are now done by these intelligent machines. Today AI is more intelligent than human beings, it could understand the surroundings and perceive actions in a much better way than humans.  This rapidly emerging field has increased its investment in private sectors & firms such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon who have got into an AI arms race. These firms are poaching researchers and setting up laboratories. AI has gained so much popularity and is becoming more enmeshed in our day-to-day lives and will lik

Tax scams targeting Mobile Users

  Recently the I.T department has noticed the new type of cybercrime. The tax scam is one of them. Cyber criminals have targeted mobile users for tax scams. Income tax return filing dates have become the tax scam season for cyber criminals & this shows that there is still not enough E- literacy among netizens.   What is a Tax Scam? As per the report published by The Hindu [1] , the messages sent out by the imposters to people right around the deadline for filing Income tax returns. Those messages contain –‘the person’s income tax refund has been approved and mentions a random bank account number next to it.’ Clicking on the link more, opens a website that appears just like I-T Department’s official website. When the target enters his login credentials on that website, subsequent step needs the target to enter checking account details, which can currently be simply accessible to the scammer, who sent the message.   In starting, scammers will simply use it to transfer the I-T refund